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J Courage feat. Shizzle - "Too Deep" - TRNCHNT001

Image of J Courage feat. Shizzle - "Too Deep" - TRNCHNT001

$5.99 - On Sale

12" Vinyl Record

Quite possibly the first true American Grime record. J Courage's "Too Deep (Original Instrumental)" spent considerable time on dubplate during Grime's early years while being played by members of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, Nu Brand Flexx, and East Connection. The track was eventually blessed by the inimitable vocals of London MC, Shizzle. The record has remained a coveted underground anthem, and continues to surface in current Grime/Dubstep/Bass crossover sets.

Side A:
1. "Too Deep" feat. Shizzle
2. "Too Deep (Acapella)" feat. Shizzle
Side B:
1. "Too Deep (Original Instrumental)"
2. "Guardian"