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Reixtra - "Procrastination EP" - TDUBSCD001

Image of Reixtra - "Procrastination EP" - TDUBSCD001


Limited Edition Compact Disc

Reixtra is a Ukrainian musician and dj who represents the deeper side of dubstep and garage by integrating ethereal ambience and field recordings into his productions. On his first release for Trenchant Dubs, Reixtra delivers an incredible 5-track e.p. of dark and haunting electronica that showcases his influences of dubstep and garage. All tracks feature female vocals, which add to the airy and reverberated texture of the recordings. The Procrastination E.P. is truly a magnificent piece of music from the beautiful first track "Lose Your Faith" through to the final vinyl crackle of Le Sang's hard-driving techno-hybrid remix of "Omana VIP."

1. “Lose Your Faith” feat. Kate Lem
2. “Omana VIP” feat. Olya Syonka
3. “Flowing Away (2-Step Mix)” feat. Margo Gontar
4. “ Procrastination” feat. Olya Syonka & Kate Lem
5. “Omana VIP (Le Sang Remix)” feat. Olya Syonka